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The week before Thanksgiving Chrissy (a lovely writer chick I met via twitter) mentioned that there was a winter bread baking challenge going on across the blogosphere.  It was a simple challenge.  For the nine weeks of winter you bake new bread recipe once a week and eat it within that time.  Simple.  I could do that.  Only problem was, I didn’t have a blog.

This was an issue.

I’ve always wanted a cooking blog and have even started one a couple of times, but wandered off after a couple of weeks.  There just didn’t seem a reason to continue.  My photographs were terrible. Getting pictures off the camera was difficult and time consuming.  I needed something easy.  I then ended up with a beautiful iphone 4S, which takes terrific pictures.  It was time to give this blog thing a go again.

I’m not planning for this to be a step by step cooking blog.  That doesn’t interest me.  It’s going to be more like a diary through food plus the recipe.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s post, which also happens to be my first bread post.

See you tomorrow!


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